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Running your own business is always exciting, although often demanding and occasionally frustrating. Sometimes you could do with help or someone with whom you can talk through a difficult business decision. I provide advice and support to businesses in London and the South seeking advice and practical assistance with the many challenges which they face daily. With my experience, broad commercial knowledge and contacts built up over 25 years as an investor, funder and manager in a wide range of businesses, I can help you develop your business to realise your financial and lifestyle goals


We can work together on a short term basis with me assisting on a specific challenge or, more usually, on a longer term basis with me providing ongoing advice and support as your business grows. It is important that we can work together well and that I can provide the service that you really need. So if you are interested, please contact me by email or telephone on 07833 518906 so that we can have a chat.


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